Washington State Capitol Enlists QA Group for Table Restoration

April 9, 2018
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April 9, 2018 QA Group

QA Group is proud to work with a wide variety of clients, from doctors and restaurants to resorts. But perhaps one of the client relationships we are most honored to maintain is with the Washington State Capitol.

The Capitol became a client in 2015, and we have completed multiple projects for them since, including updates to the Senate sofas and Governor Room chairs.

For this recent project, the Capitol called on QA Group to repair, refinish, and restore a historic State Reception Room table to its original state. The table had sustained damage from the Nisqually Earthquake as well as previous repairs that did not hold up. This made it impossible for our team to repair the table without re-veneering the top, so we collaborated with State personnel who oversee historic preservation to find veneers as close as possible to those used in the era the table was made.

Initially our refinishing team went out to review the project, then we submitted a quote, and then the search began to find veneers to restore the table. We then made up samples and had the team from the Capitol come and review them before making their final selection of restoration veneers.

Our delivery team removed the table from the Capitol and was brought back to the QA Production Facilities to be restored. This project was a complex procedure, so it took about 2 months to thoroughly complete. Throughout the process, our team took great care to preserve all original markings on the underside of the table. The veneer was the primary material used to complete the project. We also finished and polished the table with a clear coat.

This project was extremely unique, as our team used UV rays to develop a patina on the new veneer so that the wood replicated that of the original table and it would remain a historic piece of furniture. This special technique was long and tedious, but the finished piece is beautiful and looked almost identical to how the table would have looked in its early years.

The QA Group team feels privileged to have worked with State personnel who are meticulous in historic preservation. Take a look at the finished product in the photo above.