University Faculty Thank Us for Good Work

April 9, 2018
Posted in Seattle
April 9, 2018 QA Group

This piece came to our seattle furniture repair shop - Queen Anne Upholstery

Several weeks ago, we were contacted by the University of Washington Denny Hall Germanics department. They had an original 1940s wood bookcase with glass doors that they wanted to be restored. The staff member explained that this unique and original bookcase was very important to the university, and wanted to know if we could come out and take a look at it and give them an estimate for the Seattle furniture refinishing. A few of our professional team members went to meet with the department and give them an estimate. The bookcase was truly beautiful, but it needed to have life put back into it, so we could get in back in like new condition. We gave them an estimate, which they were pleased with and we took the bookcase to our shop.

The furniture repair and restoration was underway.

We were able to do a quick turnaround on this furniture repair in seattle - QAThe bookcase had to first be stripped down to the bare wood, so the antique furniture restoration process could begin. We wanted to bring the original color tone back to the piece, then we applied a heavy duty urethane Satin finish, which would remove all of the deep scratches that was on the piece along with the pen and black marks that were visible. Our furniture repair shop services were exactly what the bookcase needed. Once this step was completed, we repaired and filled any loose and damaged joints, then we replaced glides and the glides were very similar to the original ones that were on the piece. The glass on the bookcase had to be replaced, so we removed the glass and measured to have new glass installed in the piece. We also replaced all the hardware, then repaired the locks on the piece. This antique furniture restoration was very similar to doing a delicate chair refinishing, but with a lot more surface area to pay attention to.

When we were finished with the antique furniture refinishing the bookcase looked beautiful. We couldn’t wait to take it back to the university, so they could see how it turned out. The crew carefully drove the bookcase back and gently put it back in Denny Hall. When the staff came to take a look at the bookcase they were in awe. They couldn’t get over how stunning the piece turned out. Our crew could tell by the look on everyone’s face that it was restored and looked like new condition again.


We did this furniture refinishing in Seattle for a local university department