Specializing in booth seating and custom upholstery

May 25, 2022
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May 25, 2022 QA Group
Seating and custom upholstery

We specialize in building booth seating and custom upholstery. Items built to spec, which involve upholstery of some kind, and shipped complete. Most items are simple install by French cleat or Velcro.

Importance of a booth seating

The cushion is most important part of a booth. Ultimately from customers perspective. The cushions typically made from multiple types of materials. Cushions shape is equally important. Most cushions made with foam or some other poly material depending on the desired level of comfort. Cushions can be tightly upholstered or loose and removable. Tightly upholstered seats can have a boxed design with seaming at all edges or a waterfall design. Comfort, cost, and durability revolve around the support system for the seat itself.

Seating and custom upholstery
Booth seating and custom upholstery

Custom upholstery capabilities

QA Group is one of the most respected commercial upholstery, booth, and banquette seating manufacturers in North America. As an Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) member, we partner with numerous clients in the millwork industry.

We utilize over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space to create high-grade products that go above and beyond expectations. Within our operating space, our engineering department operates two CNC machines and has the capabilities to do any project to specification through CAD drawings. We specialize in banquettes, booths, wall panels, upholstered seat cushions, substrates, wood color match, and any other custom seating needs.