Settling the Debate Between Restaurant Tables and Booths

September 29, 2020
September 29, 2020 QA Group
A photo of spaced out dining tables in a restaurant with white table cloths and empty glasses.

While building your restaurant business, you’ve likely put a lot of thought into the type of food you’ll serve and the atmosphere you’ll create. However, an important factor that you might not have considered is the type of seating to add to your establishment. Seating plays a major role in the overall environment of your restaurant and directly impacts the comfort level of your customers.

To ensure that you make the best decision for your business, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the key differences between custom restaurant booths and tables. Here’s everything you need to know about whether customers prefer booths or tables and which choice you should make for your restaurant.

Dining Room Traffic

An important factor to consider is the level of traffic in your restaurant and how your seating impacts it. 

Booths, for example, generate far less traffic than tables. This is because booths are typically tucked into a corner of the restaurant or against a wall, where diners can enjoy their meals in a quieter environment. Because of this limited traffic, many patrons prefer to eat at a custom restaurant booth rather than a table.

Noise Level

Patrons may become frustrated if they can’t hear the person they’re speaking to while dining. While the energy of a restaurant scene is vital to the dining experience, your patrons should still be able to have a conversation without too many distractions. 

Booths tend to cut down on the noise level in your dining environment while providing patrons with the privacy they need.

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Adequate Space

Having enough space to feel comfortable and freely move around is also crucial to the satisfaction of your customers

This factor typically depends on the size of the party attending your establishment. A large party may feel crammed inside a booth, while a party of two will likely prefer the quiet and intimacy of a booth over a table. 

Be sure to consider the needs of all types of diners before you choose between restaurant tables and booths.

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Overall Comfort

The overall comfort level of your patrons directly impacts their experience at your restaurant, whether they’re sitting at custom restaurant booths or tables. 

Because everyone’s preferences are different, it’s crucial to do your best to accommodate different types of customers. For example, some people might prefer to be in the center of all the excitement at a table, while others may opt to enjoy their privacy at restaurant furniture booths.

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Custom Restaurant Booths vs. Tables: Making the Right Choice

Both commercial restaurant booths and tables offer unique benefits to patrons. 

To make the best decision for your needs, be sure to weigh each of these factors. Carefully considering your options will help ensure that your patrons are as comfortable as possible while spending time at your establishment. 

Whether you ultimately choose booths or tables, QA Group can ensure that you meet all of your goals. We’ve been creating both custom booths and banquettes and custom restaurant tables since 1936 and can work with you directly to design the exact commercial restaurant seating that meets your needs. Contact us today to get started!