Wood Refinishing and Restoration

Professional refinishing will revive existing furniture in virtually any application

Commercial wood refinishing and restoration will revive existing furniture in virtually any application. Re-gluing reinforces a piece’s structure and wood refinishing restores a flawless finish. Pair wood refinishing and restoration services together for furniture that is good as new. QA Group offers full-scale refinishing to repair degraded or damaged surfaces on-site such as wood wall panels, bar tops, or built-ins.

An assortment of traditional and modern refinishing techniques can improve the value and appearance of your prized furniture. We are experts at applying varnish, stains, or paint finishes on a variety of hard surfaces, including smooth or carved woodwork, and other specialty materials. Commercial wood refinishing and restoration is the perfect solution for your furniture pieces.

Quality Guarantee

Each furniture piece is constructed with the utmost attention to detail using a variety of high-quality materials, including wood, metal, marble, granite, laminate, leather, vinyl, and many specialty fabrics. We are committed to ensuring the precision and prestige you expect from a custom project.

Despite the importance of commercial furniture, it’s tough to keep it in great condition. The furniture defines the look and style of an office or business establishment. QA Group will restore or refinish it to the original appearance or we can dye and re-color wood to create a whole new office vibe

We are well versed in furniture construction and wood repair so filling holes, sanding rough spots, fixing broken pieces is no problem. When determining the most appropriate finish we will talk with you about what’s possible and what is not and provide you with creative solutions to get you a look you’ll love in a quality, lasting finish.

QA Group can match natural or stained wood hues and tones for new projects, as well as return them to their original appearance. We offer a wide range of specialty finishes, from traditional to water based and water borne products. Refinishing furniture has a greater impact on the global environment, as it is the most eco-friendly option possible.

Custom projects are our forte