Custom Booths & Banquettes

Atmosphere of your interior decor creates memorable experience

We work closely with our clients to design and produce custom booths and banquettes to fit their unique space and ambiance needs. Whether you are building out a new restaurant or bar space or overhauling an outdated or deteriorated booth or banquette set, we can help.

Custom booths and banquettes are our forte. We can manufacture one new seat that matches the rest to execute a complete seating renovation, from vinyl or weather-resistant booths to wooden or leather banquettes and everything in between. QA Group will modify, re-upholster, and refinish your existing seating options to bring your updated vision to life. We are happy to help with all your interior and exterior seating needs in one place.

Quality Guarantee

Each furniture piece is constructed with the utmost attention to detail using a variety of high-quality materials, including wood, metal, marble, granite, laminate, leather, vinyl, and many specialty fabrics. We are committed to ensuring the precision and prestige you expect from a custom project.

Banquettes are a section of an upholstered bench seating and are one of the most versatile seating arrangements since they can be configured into almost any shape and require minimal space to provide the maximum number of seats. Multiple banquette seats create a booth with a face-to-face, horseshoe, or U-configuration, and are typically arranged back-to-back.

Commercial restaurant booths come in several heights and widths, as well as a variety of shapes to fit unique spaces and are commonly installed against the wall. Booth seats have cushions either made of spring foam or solid foam. These cushions are set on a wooden frame and can be upholstered with a variety of different materials.

QA Group will help you choose the right kind of foam for your business’s or client’s next project as well. Custom commercial booths and banquettes are usually made out of wood, laminate, and upholstery options include fabric, leather, and vinyl. Every material that goes into our products is carefully considered for quality, durability, sustainability, and character.

Custom projects are our forte