Commercial Re-Upholstery

Revive existing commercial furniture with a customized upholstery facelift

Commercial re-upholstery refreshes and extends the life of chairs, sofas, booth seating, bar furniture, office and reception furniture, and other types of furniture that are often utilized in various commercial establishments. From offices to restaurants, these pieces of furniture complete the overall aesthetics and functionalities of the commercial places.

QA Group’s commercial re-upholstery team will work with you to develop solutions for all of your furniture needs, whether you need an overhaul of a complete multi-piece furniture set or restore torn cushions. Practitioners, business owners, and entrepreneurs from a wide range of different industries can benefit from our services providing commercial re-upholstery.

Quality Guarantee

Each furniture piece is constructed with the utmost attention to detail using a variety of high-quality materials, including wood, metal, marble, granite, laminate, leather, vinyl, and many specialty fabrics. We are committed to ensuring the precision and prestige you expect from a custom project.

If the furniture looks outdated it probably feels uncomfortable. We can take care of both by re-upholstering with a modern updated look at the same time as adding comfort with high-density foam. The seats must be comfortable, durable, easy to clean, as well as customized to fit the vibe of your establishment.

Re-upholstering takes less time than buying new furniture and allows businesses to service only a few pieces at a time, leaving the rest in place for customers to use. Barstool seats are usually upholstered with vinyl, polyester, microfiber, or leather and leatherette materials over foam.

Healthcare practitioners can certainly benefit from these services to give their waiting rooms a much needed facelift. Educational institutions will need proper furniture for their students to sit on. The interior design community is encouraged to seek our help with any pieces requiring attention.

Custom projects are our forte