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School-Furniture-Repair-Seattle-WACommercial Furniture — Upholstery & Refinishing Services

QA Group, located in Seattle WA, offers industry-leading, full service Upholstery & Refinishing to all major commercial markets; including Health Fitness Centers, hospitality, hotels, healthcare, architects and designers, government, marine, senior living, and educational markets.

  • Lobby furniture and built-ins
  • Booths, tables and chairs
  • Community seating
  • Office buildings
  • Store planning
  • Education
  • Window treatments
  • Common area furniture
  • Leather, vinyl and wood furniture
  • Moisture resistant fabrics
  • Government
  • Insurance claims
  • Government-Furniture-Re-Upholstery-Seattle-WADesigners/architects
  • Huge selection of commercial grade fabrics, vinyl, and leather

Why Re-Upholster/ Refinish Your Existing Furniture?

Durability — A quality restoration process will far outlast today’s mass produced factory furniture. “We buy very good furniture, and that’s why it’s worth reupholstering it if we can, and it’s inexpensive to do it” said Phillip Bullard, Director of Facilities for Day Hospitality, which has 14 properties in its portfolio.Government-Furniture-Re-Upholstery-Bellevue-WA

Local Service — With much of today’s commercial furniture made overseas, long lead times, inferior quality issues, and lack of “after the sale” service, you’ll appreciate our local approach!

Least Inconvenience to Guest — “We’ll remove one quadrant at a time while the rest remain, and just have a few less seats for that day” said Ron Hildebrand, Director of Purchasing for Crown American.“If we have pieces like a sofa or lobby chairs, we think it’s worth it to reupholster because we can have the work done quicker than we can buy new.”


Why Choose QA Group?

Experience —While most furniture restoration shops are not set up to handle the volume and quick turn-around service needs of commercial facilities, QA Group has the manpower and the facilities to handle large projects.

Selection — Our project coordinators have a wealth of material design resources for our clients to draw from—leather, vinyl, faux leather, suede, and a vast array of commercial grade fabrics and wood finishes. We can re-upholster and refinish your wood surfaces to match the existing decor and avoid the expense of having to completely re-design because of damage or normal wear and tear.

Service — The customer is truly “King” at QA Group. With our “we’re not happy till you are” guarantee on all workmanship, you can feel confident in working with our team. Family owned and operated—we’re your large project specialist!

Value — Our commercial furniture restoration process allows you to upgrade your current furniture without the cost and long lead time of replacement. Your special order furniture will be ready in days not months.