Cushion Styles

The finishing touch

The most important part of a booth may be the seat cushion, at least from your customers’ perspectives. A cushion is made from multiple types of material and in multiple shapes that provide comfort when sitting. Most cushions are filled with foam or some other poly material depending on the desired level of comfort.

There are two basic types of cushions: ones with interlocking springs with a layer of foam on top and others constructed of one solid, dense piece of foam. Seats made of foam are firm and supportive, while springs offer a little more give. Foam tends to be more reliable but will eventually lose its firmness and need to be replaced. Much of the choice between springs and solid foam comes down to individual preferences.

The seat cushion can either be tightly upholstered and non-removable or it can be a loose cushion or removable seat for easier reupholstering. Tightly upholstered seats can have a boxed design with seaming at all edges or a waterfall design. Comfort, cost, and durability revolve around the support system for the seat itself.