Channel Tufting

Add interest and texture for an ultra sophisticated look

Channel tufting is a sign of sophistication and class. From leather to velvet, neutral to bright, channel tufts evoke Old Hollywood luxury with the right mix of color and fabric that will give them a modern twist. When used in wall panels channel tufting will it add an aesthetic appeal and add extra insulation.

Clean lines add interest and texture and can be done both horizontally, vertically, and even diagonally. Horizontal channels will wider the appearance, while vertical channels will draw the eye upwards. Elevate your project by adding vertical or horizontal channel tufting to your seating area for a clean, finished look that’s equally comfortable.

Diamond tufting is the most common technique used in a commercial setting. The material is pulled and secured in a diamond-like pattern in the upholstery. Diamond tufting is considered to be the most comfortable due to the extra cushioning in each tuft.

Traditional button tufting is, and will always be, a timeless and coveted look for upholstery. Buttons are often used to provide a firmer feel by slightly compressing the padding and preventing wider areas of fabric from distorting from use.