Booth Styles

The difference is in the details

Booths are mostly made out of wood, laminate, and upholstery. These different kinds of materials are used for enhancing the booths’ aesthetic and comfort level. Booth styles range from plain back, country-style, button tuft, bead board, V back, channel back and fan back. Each style fits best with different floor layouts.

Comfort and space are the two different factors to consider when choosing a booth style. Booths create a great sense of comfort and privacy contributing to a pleasant experience in the function of the style. Large booths in small spaces can create problems with traffic flow. Large spaces with very small booths can be a waste of prime real estate.

QA Group is an expert at making custom booths. We can construct a booth for you in any shape or size with a variety of upholstery options. Custom booths can include styles such as horizontal or vertical channels back, V-Shaped back, button-tufted, wall-mounted, all customized to your specifications.

Single booth

Double booth

Wall mounted booth