Booth Configurations

The difference is in the details

Restaurant booths are different from banquettes in that they are made up of one or more banquette seats formed into a U-shape, horseshoe shape, or face-to-face. Booth seating creates a comfortable, intimate, and semi-enclosed “room within a room” for friends and family, and is typically arranged back-to-back in a restaurant setting.

Custom restaurant booths allows to enjoy a social environment while at the same time being able to sit in close quarters with dining partners. Booths can also provide a quiet place in busy establishments such as bars and nightclubs.

QA Group can custom-build most all booth designs with proper plans, elevations, and call-outs. Booth configurations will allow for efficient use of the space by strategically adding seats in untraditional spaces such as corners, alcoves, and small areas. Booths can be moved around and manipulated to allow for more aisle clearances and extra seating. The diagram below shows various booth shapes within a space to create an efficient seating plan.

  • Single and double booths
    Any length available
  • Bench booths
    Any length as needed

Booth design can be configured in many ways to fit any establishment