Marine Window Treatments

Marine Window Treatments

QA Group is a certified and factory-trained distributor of Quality customized Marine Window Treatments. With a large variety of blind and shade products in a vast assortment of colors, finishes, and operating systems ensures all your vessel’s windows, doors, and hatches are covered. By thoroughly testing every aspect of each one of the components, we make sure each part is durable enough to withstand the harsh conditions of life at sea.

Our team also has a deep understanding of keeping current with interior design trends and fashions. By having a strong and versified research and development team we find creative solutions to problems that cannot be found anywhere else. Poseidon products are constantly being upgraded so that their practicality and aesthetics are always modern and pleasing to the eye. With their ability to use computer-aided design(CAD), and 3D printing technology their designers and engineers can work hand in hand in developing new and exciting products every year.

Whether you are a private owner, a custom re-fitter, or an OEM you can be assured that you will have the very best looking, functioning, and cost-effective products in the marine window treatments market.


  • Tident Shades for Hatches
  • Harbour Wood Blinds
  • Coral Honeycomb Shades
  • Nautilus Pleated Shades
  • Hatch Shades and Fly Screens
  • Ocean Sheer Blinds
  • Regatta Roller Shades
  • Windshield Blinds for Pilot Houses


We know how important hardware can be on any yacht or boat. Everything gets knocked around and banged up in rough weather or at high speeds so it’s crucial that furnishings are of a high quality. We also know that even in calm seas or when stationary the weather and salty air can damage anything exposed to it. That is why we use the most durable hardware around for manufacturing our products. We not only want your blinds or shades to look good, but we also want them to last too.

  • Wire Retention Systems
  • Standoffs
  • Operating Systems
  • Motorization

Our Team can even customize products to fit specialty shapes. Below is a list of some of the specialty shapes we specialize in: