We create custom furniture for healthcare facilities, nursing homes, or retirement homes that makes residents feel at home. Furnishing a healthcare facility requires an understanding of what works best for their residents. Furniture in healthcare facilities should make residents feel at home. For example, nursing homes shouldn’t make elderly residents feel like they live in a hospital, even if healthcare is the main focus. Stylish, comfortable pieces that keep in mind the safety and mobility of healthcare residents, as well as durable furniture that is easy to clean and sanitize should be a top priority.

From hospitals to assisted living buildings, QA Group has the experience necessary to furnish your healthcare facility with high-quality commercial furniture—keeping safety, style, functionality, and ADA compliance in mind.

Whether it is just a few repairs or upgrades, we will collaborate
with you to make it all come together for a durable, functional, and beautiful

Our designers and craftsmen are the best at what they do because every design and concept is given thoughtful and thorough consideration.

We will work around the customer to ensure no business is lost during the process and will go to a location after hours to get a job done if needed.

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