How to Choose, Care for, and Improve Your Gym Upholstery

March 4, 2022
March 4, 2022 QA Group

When it comes to owning and maintaining a gym, the list of responsibilities can feel endless. Somewhere at the top of that list is undoubtedly your equipment and its upholstery material. 

The more traffic your gym sees, the faster your equipment starts to show wear and tear, especially upholstery material. It’s necessary to keep your aesthetic up to snuff when you have members to retain — not to mention the priority placed on your clientele’s health and hygiene. 

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We’ve done the hard work for you and compiled some key information to aid you in your gym upholstery journey. 

Choosing Your Gym Upholstery

The only thing more important than having solid equipment in your gym is ensuring the materials used are the best quality for your members and your investment. When choosing your gym upholstery vinyl, it’s important to consider a number of factors. 

Gym Upholstery Quality

First and foremost, quality should be your top priority. Most mainstream companies like Cybex, Nautilus, and Lifefitness set the standard. 

A heavier weighted vinyl is best, between 12oz – 25oz per linear yard. You’ll want to estimate what weight is right for you and your gym, taking into account the amount of daily wear and tear on each of your machines. 

Gym Upholstery Burst Strength

The other important factor when determining durability is the gym upholstery material’s burst strength. The burst strength tests how much force the material can withstand upon impact when it receives a fast burst of pressure. On a scale of one to 10, the average burst strength of most athletic vinyl is five. However, some materials come in at an impressive score of 10. 

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Caring for Your Gym Equipment Upholstery

It’s important to keep your gym equipment upholstery material looking pristine so that your long-term gym-goers, as well as your bright and shiny newcomers, feel clean and comfortable using your facility. 

Sanitize and Clean Your Gym Upholstery Material

You’ve got a few options when it comes to sanitizing and cleaning your upholstery material. First and foremost, be sure to never use the following ingredients on your gym upholstery:

  • Bleach
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Ammonia
  • Alcohol 

Avoid all of these products to ensure your upholstery material lasts as long as possible.

The most common method to clean upholstery is to use a solution that is 10% mild dish soap and 90% warm water. Apply the solution to the upholstery material with a damp cloth (or a soft bristle brush for more stubborn areas), and then wipe the residue away with another damp cloth. 

Finish up by completely drying the upholstery with a soft cloth. If that doesn’t seem to do the trick, fret not! Wet the surface with an alcohol-free, phenol-free, bleach-free, and ammonia-free cleaner or wipe containing an EPA-approved disinfectant. It’s best to use a product designed specifically for cleaning gym equipment and upholstery material.

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Keep a Regular Sanitization Schedule

Along with most things in the past few years, cleaning procedures have become even more crucial. 

This is especially true in heavily populated public spaces that often have individuals perspiring on equipment upholstery. It’s now more vital than ever that you carry out a regular sanitization schedule to ensure the health of your guests as well as the life of your gym equipment upholstery. 

Using any of the above recommended gym upholstery cleaning techniques will help keep your upholstery materials spotless and perfect for safe workouts.

Reupholstering Your Gym Equipment

Try as we might, there comes a time when we need to bid farewell to our beloved gym upholstery. When that time eventually comes, reupholstery is always a great option. 

Reupholstery and refinishing services help refresh and extend the life of your high-quality investments, making them an especially good fit for specific staple pieces in your home, corporate office, or even commercial gym. 

If a single piece of an equipment set begins to deteriorate, reupholstering and repairing allows you to preserve the set with less of a financial burden than replacing all of the equipment. What’s more, many professional reupholstery services offer on-site repairs that guarantee your equipment will only be out of commission for a short time.

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