Guide to Commercial Restaurant Tables

July 12, 2021
July 12, 2021 QA Group

When designing your restaurant, cafe, or bar, one of the most important elements to focus on is the commercial restaurant furniture you’ll be using for your layout. Many different types of commercial restaurant table options are out there, and finding the perfect one for your dining establishment will give you an advantage in several ways. 

The right tables and booths you choose for your restaurant will add to your style and aesthetic, allow your customers to spend their time comfortably, and sit the ideal amount of individuals in your space. Style, comfort, and functionality are all things you need to consider when choosing commercial restaurant tables and booths.

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Commercial Restaurant Table Sizes

Taking the right furniture measurements can not only add to the atmosphere of your establishment, but minimize your customers’ wait time to be seated. 

Consider smaller tables for places like cafes and fast food dining rooms, and larger tables for fine dining or family establishments. Don’t forget to create a floor plan that allows for your dining staff to move comfortably throughout the restaurant.

Commercial Restaurant Table Styles

Your restaurant furniture should match your business’s style. For instance, you wouldn’t want to exclusively fill your family dining place with small bistro tables or bar height tables. Here are just a few of the many different styles of commercial restaurant tables.

Bar Height Tables

Typically found in pubs, breweries, and other places that mainly serve alcohol (including the bar area of other types of restaurants), bar height tables are taller than your average restaurant table. 

These tables are usually accompanied by bar stool seating and have smaller-sized round or square tops affixed to their base. These tables sometimes have a foot rest at the bottom for comfort and accessibility.

Booth Tables

In a busy restaurant, a booth table is perfect for creating a sense of privacy. These types of restaurant tables are made from multiple banquettes with upholstered backs and generally form a face-to-face shape. 

To maximize the amount of space for leg room, booth tables are sometimes affixed to the wall between the seats, and are square or rectangular.

Patio or Bistro Tables

Patio tables, sometimes called bistro tables, are small, portable tables you typically find in a cafe, bar, or casual dining establishment. As the name infers, patio tables are a perfect solution for outdoor dining, and are usually easy to store

Common materials for these types of commercial restaurant tables include wrought iron, aluminum, plastic, and other weather-resistant materials.

Two-Four Person Tables

The most common type of commercial restaurant tables are ones that fit two to four people. These types of tables, referred to as two-four person tables, can range in size from 24 x 24 inches to 48 x 36 inches to accommodate one to two people on each side.

Family Dining Tables

Family dining tables are just what they sound like: tables big enough to fit the whole family. 

Imagine a typical childhood dining table — one that is large, round or ovular, and meant to accommodate six to 10 people. These are common in banquet rooms or in special areas of dining establishments. 

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Commercial Restaurant Table Materials

When choosing your specific commercial restaurant table for your business, you need to also keep in mind how easy the surface will be to clean and disinfect, whether you will be using it inside or outside, and the durability of the material.

For example, while untreated wood or tables with leather accents look nice and may fit the aesthetic of your business, you might want to keep those tables indoors to avoid weather damage. Materials that work best for tables that are used both indoors and outdoors include aluminum, steel, and polypropylene.

Laminate table tops could also be a great choice for those who want to save money and have several options for customization. Synthetic materials like laminate can be made to imitate wood or even marble, and are both heat- and scratch-resistant.

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Commercial Restaurant Table Bases

Round Restaurant Table Bases

Round table bases are usually paired with round table tops or bar height tables.

Square Restaurant Table Bases

Square table bases can be paired with round or square tabletops and usually have a wide base plate to prevent unsteadiness.

Four-Prong Restaurant Table Bases

Four-prong table bases are the most common style of restaurant table bases since they are the most structurally supportive and pair nicely with all shapes of tabletops.

Cantilever Restaurant Table Bases

Typically used with booth seating, cantilever table bases affix the table to the wall, allowing for extra leg room underneath the tabletop.

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