Guide to Commercial Restaurant Chairs

August 9, 2021
August 9, 2021 QA Group

If your establishment offers dine-in options, whether you’re a fast food chain or a high-end cocktail lounge, choosing the right furniture for your restaurant is crucial to your business’s success. 

Quality restaurant chairs can make all the difference in your customers’ experience, providing them with a comfortable place to sit and enjoy their food and drink while adding to the aesthetic of your restaurant.

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The following is a guide to quality restaurant chair options for your establishment.

Booths and Banquette Seating

Booths and banquettes are a great option for restaurant seating if you’re trying to maximize your space, encourage group dining, or provide a more intimate dining experience within a busy environment.

Banquette seats are sections of bench seating that are often upholstered for comfort. These are typically arranged around the edges of a space and paired with pedestal tables and chairs. Banquettes can also be paired together to create booth seating.

Booths are made up of one or more banquette sections and are formed into a variety of shapes, including a U-shape, horseshoe, or face-to-face. Booth seating is great for families or small groups that want to experience a comfortable, intimate seating arrangement in an otherwise busy environment. 

These types of seating options are popular because of their versatility. Restaurants can rearrange booths and banquettes to maximize the amount of space in their dining area, or be used in unconventional corners and cubbies.

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Bar Stools

If you’re running a pub or a brewery, or if your restaurant has a bar area, bar stools are a great option. Stools are also a good choice for bakeries and cafes, as well as other establishments with minimal floor space.

Stools are usually backless with footrests and are designed to be positioned next to a high counter-top table or pedestal table. The standard bar stool height is around 30 inches tall, and the seat is often upholstered with vinyl, leather, or another comfortable material.

Classic Wood Restaurant Chairs

Wooden restaurant chairs are a popular traditional choice when it comes to quality restaurant chairs. Their style helps create a welcoming, warm atmosphere and wooden chairs work in a wide variety of dining establishments — from American diners to sophisticated Italian bistros.

Keep in mind that when using wooden restaurant chairs outdoors, you should always treat the wood with lacquer or weather-resistant protectant to prevent damage from the elements. 

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Ladderback Chairs

Ladderback chairs are probably the most popular type of wooden restaurant chairs. These seats have vertical slats resembling a ladder that make up the backrest. This timeless style can feature a wooden or upholstered seat, and the legs and back can either be curved or straight.

Flatback Chairs

Flatback chairs are normal wooden-frame chairs with a solid, flat back. You can add complete fabric to these chairs for extra comfort or choose a cut-out slotback to add unique, contemporary style.

Schoolhouse Chairs

Similar to ladderback chairs, schoolhouse chairs have a backrest that is also made up of slots. These slots are vertical rather than horizontal, and resemble classic school chairs. Restaurants can customize these chairs to keep a simple look, or add upholstered seats and curved or straight backs.

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Contemporary Metal Restaurant Chairs

Another option for quality restaurant chairs is the metal chair. Metal chairs are not only durable and long-lasting, but they can add a more modern, contemporary vibe to your dining establishment. 

Metal chairs are also lightweight and easy to clean, making them a great option for outdoor dining patios. 

Although you can find metal chairs in similar styles to the aforementioned wood restaurant chairs, metal chairs also come in more unique styles.

Paris Chairs

Sometimes referred to as “bistro chairs,” these French-style chairs are made up of steel frames and high-rounded backs. Because of their aesthetic and the fact that they are typically lightweight, Paris chairs are commonly found in coffee shops, cafes, and bakeries. 

Diner Chairs

This retro-style chair is reminiscent of the 1950s and old-school diners. Diner chairs are created out of a chrome frame and upholstered seat and back. Customizing the upholstered parts of this chair with bright colors or designs can bring a fun, vibrant look to your restaurant.

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