Considerations for Healthcare Upholstery

April 4, 2022
April 4, 2022 QA Group

Did you know the average office is home to 10 million bacteria? You cannot risk this in your healthcare setting—washing hands and cleaning is not enough. You need to think about healthcare upholstery. 

Healthcare furniture can be sidelined in the healthcare setting, but the best healthcare office designs have furniture that sets the facility’s tone. Furniture that helps keep patients comfortable and safe. 

Read on for the factors you need to consider for how to choose healthcare furniture. 


Research shows that people make a subconscious judgment about an environment within 90 seconds! And 62%-90% of the assessment is based on color. So throw out hospital furniture that is an eyesore. 

You want patients to feel at ease, with calm colors. The best healthcare office design ties everything together. Healthcare upholstery should not clash with wall colors or appear disorganized. 

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Durability and Sustainability 

Do you want to have to replace healthcare furniture every year? The best upholstery for healthcare settings is resistant to stains and general wear. You do not want to worry that cleaning products are ruining the fabrics. 

A doctor, on average, sees 20 patients a day, so that is a lot of traffic! Furniture and its upholstery should withstand this. 

You may also want to consider the sustainability of the product. Some healthcare upholstery uses natural products and minimizes chemical use. And check if there is a warranty. 

Comfort and Functionality

It can be a challenge to find healthcare furniture that is durable but also comfortable. Patients and carers will lose patience a lot more quickly if they are uncomfortable.

Some fabrics have a plastic feel. In comparison, other materials are soft to touch. Consider how practical the upholstery is for the healthcare setting. You want details such as different size cushioning to adapt to patient needs.


Healthcare furniture that is stain-resistant and ventilated will be easier to clean efficiently. A textured surface can harbor more debris and bacteria. You want hospital furniture that has easy access so you can clean thoroughly. 

Impermeable fabrics will offer better protection against harmful microbes, bodily fluids, and liquids. Whatever healthcare upholstery you choose, it needs to meet infection control standards. You do not only need to clean but disinfect too, without worrying about fabric breakdown.

The Fabric 

Some fabrics are superior choices for hospital upholstery. Crypton and healthcare vinyl are two examples, with pros and cons.

Crypton is resistant to stains, microbes, and water. It is comfortable and soft, but more expensive.

Hospital vinyl is easier to clean, durable, and sanitary. It is more cost-effective but has less ventilation and is more challenging to repair.

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Pick the Best Healthcare Upholstery  

You don’t have to sacrifice infection control or patient comfort! And the good news is that there are a lot of healthcare upholstery options to choose from. Finding them starts with partnering with a reliable upholstery company you can trust.

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