Choosing the Right Casino Furniture

March 18, 2022
March 18, 2022 QA Group

When people visit a casino, the majority of them are there to spend a good deal of time — and hopefully for casino owners a good deal of money as well. 

If you manage a casino, you’ll want to ensure that your clients are enjoying all that your establishment has to offer, and feel comfortable enough to stay a while among the slot machines and tables. In addition to comfort, durability, functionality, and style are all important elements when choosing the right casino furniture. 

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An important aspect of choosing the right casino furniture is durability. 

High-traffic casinos can be prone to a rough atmosphere, with customers utilizing chairs and stools at all times of the day and night. Furthermore, since most casinos serve drinks, food, and allow cigarette smoking, the wear and tear on furniture can be harsh. 

However, you can minimize this damage by choosing durable and easy-to-clean upholstery and furniture materials. 

Materials such as natural leather and wood can easily be scratched and are expensive to replace, even if they may look sophisticated. High-quality vinyl or eco-leather in dark colors can provide durability while being both easy-to-clean and easy on your wallet. When it comes to frames for your chairs and stools, opt for sturdy metal options.

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The goal for any casino manager is to provide a good time for their clients. This means that seating needs to be comfortable to encourage an extended stay. No customer is going to be excited to sit on a hard wooden chair for the duration of a poker game. 

Stools and chairs should be made using the highest-quality foam with the right density and elasticity. The right depth of foam in chair cushions and rounded seating shapes can give much-needed lumbar support for casino visitors.


When choosing the right furniture for your casino, you also need to consider size. Here are some size guidelines that are generally agreed on when it comes to casino slots and table chairs.

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Slot Chairs

Chairs used at the slot machines are typically between 20 and 27 inches in seat height and have a slightly wider-than-average seat as well. These chairs usually have a self-return swivel for easy movement and are on a pedestal base.

Table Chairs

Chairs for table games such as blackjack and poker usually have low backs. This makes it easier for the servers can easily maneuver drinks around the players without disturbing the game. These chairs vary from 19 to 27 inches high, and also have slimmer-than-average seats so that more chairs can fit around a table. Dealer chairs are usually adjustable in height.

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Design and Style

As always, the design and style of your business’s furniture is important as well — especially in these days of Instagram and TikTok. A well-designed casino can boost the amount of customers sharing pictures to their social media accounts and make your establishment a go-to destination not only for gaming, but for a great photo op.

Choosing the right furniture for your casino is also a chance to emphasize your brand by picking cohesive colors and styles or even adding logos. For example, if your casino has an old-school luxurious vibe, vintage-inspired shapes and jewel tones can support the look. Really want the games to stand out on their own? Consider neutral-colored furniture in traditional shapes and styles.

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