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Business owners know that first impression is the key to gain potential clients, and customers and what better way to have a good impression than having quality furniture, and this is why all businesses contact QA Group for their projects involving commercial furniture repair in Seattle. We are a family owned and operated furniture repair shop with over seventy five years of upholstery experience and an extensive production facility that can handle projects of any size. We offer furniture solutions to our commercial clients that will always impress. We provide a wide range of services for our customers in Washington.

Restaurant and Hotel Furniture Reupholstery Services

We offer custom hospital, senior living and hotel furniture repair services, including:

  • Commercial Furniture Repair
  • Restaurant Furniture Refinishing
  • Hospital Furniture Repair
  • Hotel Furniture Reupholstery
  • Bar Furniture Upholstery
  • Bar Furniture Repair
  • Senior Home Furniture Refinishing
  • And so much more…

We can reupholster an entire office or repair furniture for a whole hotel lobby. We can do onsite wood touch up services too.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is the largest city in the state of Washington with a population of 684,451. The nicknames for this city are “The Emerald City”, “Rain City”, and “The Jet City”. The motto for the city is “The city of Goodwill”. It was incorporated in 1869 and archaeological findings report that Native Americans were inhabitants of the land for over four thousand years. Seattle is a beautiful city with lots of things to see and do.

We serve hospitality industry for all their restaurant furniture refinishing in Seattle - QA GroupThe Space Needle is an iconic landmark here. The Space Needle was built in 1961 for the 1962 World’s Fair. It is one of the tallest landmark west of the Mississippi River. The Space Needle is 605 feet high and 138 feet wide. It can withstand winds of up to two hundred miles per hour and even an earthquake of up to 9 magnitude. Visitors can see the entire city on the top of the Space Needle. Mt. Rainier is located just south of the city and visitors can go hiking on the 130 trails located here. There is also a train, wildlife park and a gondola, which will allow you to see the natural beauty of the mountain and the city.

The city is known for being host to annual festivals. The International Film Festival, Seafair Cup Races, The Bite of Seattle, and the Seafair are just a few of the festivals and events held here. Each festival and event attracts over 100,000 people each year and provides excitement and fun. One way to explore the city is by going on a water taxi. The King County Water Taxi can take visitors around the city by boat. Seattle, Washington is an exciting city that has plenty of things to see and do.

QA Group Commercial Furniture Solutions is the specialist that businesses contact for all their reupholstering needs. We have over seven decades of experience and dedication. Contact us today and let us make your office or restaurant stand out and be noticed.

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If you’re interested in our latest hotel and restaurant furniture refinishing projects in Seattle, check this page often.

Commercial and Residential Project Spotlight

Architectural upholstery for a private residential client

QA Group staff worked with the construction team at Neil Kelly Company to create a corner banquette, completely custom made to fit the client’s unique space and desired look.

The piece was upholstered in genuine leather from Seattle-based interior design and architectural wholesale resource Trammell-Gagne and features a channeled back and stainless steel Plastic-Laminate (P-LAM) toe kick with brushed horizontal grain.

The QA Group team safely hand-delivered and installed the finished product inside the client’s home in the Windermere neighborhood.

Arboretum Dermatology waiting room project

For this project, our team collaborated with the client’s interior designer and architect along with the millwork shop at Interior Environments. We started with a series of mockups:

And eventually installed a customized, upholstered waiting room bench:

Heirloom chair overhaul in Anacortes

Queen Anne Upholstery’s client in Anacortes wanted to spruce up a prized Victorian dining room chair set passed down from her grandmother. The mahogany chairs originated in the 1860s and eventually shipped from England to Calgary by boat. They were then sold at an auction.

Each chair features a beautiful needlepoint seat and back made by the family’s great grandmother, grandmother, and mother. The elaborate design — which was done entirely by hand with no pattern — took a total of five years to complete throughout the early 1900s and the chairs were finished in 1934. We were honored to refinish these beautiful heirloom pieces so the family can continue to enjoy them for years to come!

University Faculty Thank Us for Good Work

This piece came to our seattle furniture repair shop - Queen Anne Upholstery

Several weeks ago, we were contacted by the University of Washington Denny Hall Germanics department. They had an original 1940s wood bookcase with glass doors that they wanted to be restored. The staff member explained that this unique and original bookcase was very important to the university, and wanted to know if we could come out and take a look at it and give them an estimate for the Seattle furniture refinishing. A few of our professional team members went to meet with the department and give them an estimate. The bookcase was truly beautiful, but it needed to have life put back into it, so we could get in back in like new condition. We gave them an estimate, which they were pleased with and we took the bookcase to our shop.

The furniture repair and restoration was underway.

We were able to do a quick turnaround on this furniture repair in seattle - QAThe bookcase had to first be stripped down to the bare wood, so the antique furniture restoration process could begin. We wanted to bring the original color tone back to the piece, then we applied a heavy duty urethane Satin finish, which would remove all of the deep scratches that was on the piece along with the pen and black marks that were visible. Our furniture repair shop services were exactly what the bookcase needed. Once this step was completed, we repaired and filled any loose and damaged joints, then we replaced glides and the glides were very similar to the original ones that were on the piece. The glass on the bookcase had to be replaced, so we removed the glass and measured to have new glass installed in the piece. We also replaced all the hardware, then repaired the locks on the piece. This antique furniture restoration was very similar to doing a delicate chair refinishing, but with a lot more surface area to pay attention to.

When we were finished with the antique furniture refinishing the bookcase looked beautiful. We couldn’t wait to take it back to the university, so they could see how it turned out. The crew carefully drove the bookcase back and gently put it back in Denny Hall. When the staff came to take a look at the bookcase they were in awe. They couldn’t get over how stunning the piece turned out. Our crew could tell by the look on everyone’s face that it was restored and looked like new condition again.


We did this furniture refinishing in Seattle for a local university department

A Recent Hotel Project for Refinishing in Seattle

We recently did some woodworking for a wonderful client. While we love Seattle antique furniture restoration and reupholstery projects, we also do plenty of commercial work as well. This week we were able to do work for the Westin Seattle, and it seems our client was very happy with our services. Glen Hoffman, the Director of Engineering, let us know that he thought we did a fantastic job with our work in the restaurant and bars in the hotel. He went on to commend us on our professional demeanor and great attitudes.

Being able to do quality work for a professional client is always a pleasure for us, so we find it very easy to have great attitudes. The best part of a project like this is the fact that our work will be enjoyed by many people. Our furniture work for individuals is incredibly satisfying, but it is great to share our product with all of the guests at the Westin. QA Group has been servicing the Seattle area for decades, and our long-standing history and healthy growth as a business has allowed us to develop a large, full scale production facility capable of handling extreme delicate jobs and commercial and marine projects. We’re happy to discuss  whatever your needs might be (from single pieces to interior spaces), and can walk you through our process from dropping your item off to redesign, reupholstery or refinishing. We can also deliver to and from your location as well!

Quick Turnaround for Valued Design Client

A design company called us with a rush request to do commercial upholstery in Seattle for cushions located at a central seating space. The owner needed to have these cushions for the opening day, which was in two weeks. He already had a material in mind, which was a good start. We knew that it was a tight deadline, but our team at our extensive furniture repair shop facility jumped in and got the yardage requirements to be ordered and our team immediately called in the material and it was shipped out that same day!

The commercial furniture reupholstery was beginning

these cushions were a custom commercial upholstery job for a seattle company - QA GroupThe following day the material for the cushions arrived and our team went to work immediately. We have tons of experience with jobs like this when we do restaurant furniture repair, so it was no problem for us. We made the foam for the cushion thicker as the customer requested this. We can adjust the cushion by making it thinner or thicker depending on what the customer is wanting or needing. We applied the material that the customer requested and our team continued to work long hours to meet the deadline for this project. The team arrived early each day, then stayed late each night. This is nothing new for our team as they always put in 100% for each customer and project. When any customer trusts us with their furniture we treat it as if it were our own, and always going that extra mile to meet and exceed each customer’s requests.

Our production department not only met the deadline but it was done early. The cushions was delivered and installed for the customer days earlier than anticipated. The customer was a bit nervous when we called him to let him know that we were finished with his reupholstery project. We brought the finished project to the location that he wanted where we met up with him. When the customer saw the new cushions he was thrilled. He looked over each of them thoroughly and said we did a fantastic job. He said he was afraid that corners were cut to get them done ahead of the scheduled date, but he can see clearly that every stitch and detail was done. Needless to say, the customer was beyond happy and once again ! The entire QA team was thrilled when we told them how pleased this customer was and everyone was happy to know that we had earned another customer that plans on using us for many more projects in the future.