The History of QA Group

Our Family Story

QA Group is a full-service commercial upholstery and refinishing company. Since 1936, QA Group has earned its industry-leading reputation for engaging dedicated teams of artisans and craftsmen. We serve all major commercial markets, including hospitality, hotels, architects, designers, government, marine, healthcare, health and fitness centers, senior living centers, and educational markets.

Today, we are the largest booth manufacturer in the Northwest with over 75,000 square foot factory. We take pride in providing first-rate services that will impress both you and your customers.

Our Story

The history of our company has had many well-defining traits, and one of those is certainly quality.

Founded in 2011, QA Group fine craftsmanship dates back to 1936. Original founders started out by restoring one-of- a-kind, high-end furnishings for Seattle’s residences. Queen Anne Upholstery established high quality craftmanship reputation.

In 1972, Robert Emtage relocated to Seattle from New Jersey. As a young man, he developed a passion for high quality, fine furniture. Robert completed his apprenticeship training in furniture restoration with Ballard Refinishers. In 1984 went on to purchase Ballard Refinishers from original founders. Over next few years, Robert focused on furniture refinishing and antique furniture restoration services.

However, the purchase of Queen Anne Upholstery, offered an opportunity to establish versatile modern furniture solutions. In 2010, Ballard Refinishers and Queen Anne Upholstery were merged into one – to be called Queen Anne Upholstery and Refinishing. In doing so, Robert Emtage and his son Seth Emtage, created a company that was able to fully express its commitment to fine wood refinishing and quality upholstery.

Seth Emtage took over the helm and began expanding the business. He saw the need in commercial upholstery and refinishing. Founded in 2012, QA Group is a full service custom commercial furniture and refinishing company. The expertise and services offered to business owners, contractors, architects, builders, and millwork/casework shops while building takes place. In-house engineering team specializes in product design and development. Since all sourcing and manufacturing is local, QA Group can bring clients concepts to life with rapid prototyping and value engineering.

QA Group has undergone through number of changes over the past eight decades, in order to continually deliver on the commitment to fine craftsmanship. Custom created commercial furniture, and upholstered panels build to client’s specifications offered to commercial customers of all sizes. From hotel commercial furniture to hospitals and assisted living buildings keeping safety, style, functionality, and ADA compliance in mind.